Roberto Sardone is an Italian enthusiastic designer and project manager with 10+ years of experience overseeing projects from dreams to reality. He is passionate about creating mesmerising experiences for events and exhibitions, retail windows and pop-up spaces, architecture and luxury interior design spaces. He enjoys to get to know client's needs to try to bring a smile and a personal touch in each of his project. His extensive experience in conceptual planning, fabrication, and problem solving has allowed him to develop a broad skillset and dynamic workflow, driven by the pursuit of excellence in design. Roberto was born and raised in the heyday of the so-called “Sofa Triangle” in Puglia, a region of southern Italy renowned for its furniture design and manufacture. It was here that he honed his skills for prototyping, handcrafting, and upholstering furniture, before moving to London in 2004 to study arts, design and fashion textiles. Roberto graduated from the London College of Fashion with honours in 2010. His combined interests in fine art, interior design, and architecture led him to Paul Cocksedge Studio in East London, where he gained valuable experience in architectural model making, product prototyping and art installations, as well as overseeing manufacturing for their e-commerce business.
In 2015, he joined PLP Architecture, where he had the privilege to work on various large-scale international projects such as the Montparnasse Tower competition, The Timber Wooden Tower, Shinagawa master plan, Milan Bonnet, Embassy Gardens, and the newly completed 22 Bishopsgate Tower. At PLP he gained extensive knowledge on how to use workshop machinery, laser machines and CNC, taking his obsessive attention to detail to the bare minimum of 0.2 mm allowance. While working under pressure, he learned how to work both independently and as part of a talented team on a range of high profile projects, demonstrating high levels of accuracy, boosting his 3D skills and improving knowledge of the 3D printing process. During his time at the firm, his strong work ethic attitude was rewarded with the promotion to Associate Partner.
After spending his formative years working with various artists and chief architects, including Paul Cocksedge and Karen Cook, Roberto Sardone set up his own studio in Marylebone in 2017. Working both in an architectural and interior design capacity, Roberto’s strong design aesthetic and desire to create stylish, innovative, yet functional designs, became evident in his work. Roberto’s passion is the dedication to bespoke furniture design, retail design, art and craft of architecture / interiors, innovative designing, and a sensitive and practical approach, defines his reputation. He is inspired by his travels, and has a fondness for Scandinavian and Japanese design.
Skills, interests and qualities:

• A strong interest in architecture, design and technology (appreciation for art, beauty, luxury)
• Able to support design team with design for new concepts, evolution of existing concepts, and spatial studies (Rhino 3D, KeyShot 9)
• Capable of creating store layouts & develop store design proposals in both 2D & 3D (Rhino 3D)
• Competent to prepare thorough design detail documents, including plans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations, sections, and details
• Able to work in collaboration with Artistic Direction, Visual Merchandising, and Operations teams
• Able to provide architectural design & development services
• Essential skills for 3D Modelling, Rendering, and Animation (Rhino 3D, KeyShot 9, Photoshop)
• Able to do space planning and translating design concepts into working 2D/3D drawings
• Developing interior building solutions to create inspiring, practical and functional spaces for residential and commercial projects
• Overseeing design process, from defining client's needs, scheduling appointments for site surveying and consultation, to implementing designs solutions and follow-up presentations
• Capable of drawing files for 3D Printers, laser cutters and CNC
• Able to be an articulate and confident team player
• Adaptable and able to wear many hats
• Highly organised and detail-oriented
• Attention to detail and problem solving
• Methodical, thorough and patient approach